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Podcast Interview with Corey Ogilvie, Creator of the OWS Film “I Am Not Moving”.

Podcast Interview with Corey Ogilvie, Creator of the OWS Film “I Am Not Moving”.

Photo credit: Corey Ogilvie

Yesterday I had the honor of speaking with Corey Ogilvie of Ogilvie Film. Corey is the creator of what is arguably the most popular film to come out of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, I Am Not Moving, which has seen more than one million views in two months. Along with 3 other short films including Dear Taxpayer, We are all Scott Olsen, and Bloomberg Forever, Corey’s vision speaks volumes about the current political state of affairs in America.

Check out our interview below as we talk about Egypt, the Federal Reserve, Occupy Wall Street, and his newest project Occupy The Movie in the latest Soldiers for the Cause podcast!


Podcast Interview


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To download the podcast, right click this link and save the file.
Music credit: “Bolt Cutter” by Doomtree off the “No Kings” album.

Watch Corey’s OWS Videos

Chapter 1: Dear Taxpayer

Chapter 2: I Am Not Moving

Chapter 3: We Are All Scott Olsen

Chapter 4: Bloomberg Forever

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  1. served done all that sitting here with two coats on to try and keep warm , worried out of my head about what sort of life my children are going to have burdened with debt for the rest of their lives,,, enough, i will spend every waking hour ,of every day, fighting these evil vile people who put us here out of total greed! enough of greed , lets work together as brothers help each other, support each other , but the main thing for all of us is to recruit, RECRUIT RECUIT,RECUIT

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